"The" Bowls

Besides the delicious food, everyone enjoys selecting one of our precious bowls!  These priceless items are collected by so many friends of the event. 

TTU's Appalachian Center for Craft is such an important partner in this event every year.  It starts at the spring Celebration of Crafts event, more than 300 bowls were made by CHILDREN!  We are always excited to have these bowls for our collection. 

Every September, the annual Bowl-A-Thon is held at the center and many students and potters from across our community come together to throw several hundred bowls! We also receive bowls from local artisans.  Thank you to everyone who spends their precious time to make our handmade bowls for us. 

2015: THE BOWL-A-THON IS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH!  All clay is provided and the even tis free to clay artists!  Lunch provided.  Clay and FELLOWSHIP provided!!  Let's throw more bowls than EVER!!  

Thanks you to the artisans and their gift of love of 18 years for providing bowls for Cooking on the Square!